Global Learners Academy of Development (GLAD) is a Knowledge management organization with focus on Knowledge creation and Dissemination globally. In today’s competitive world mere education and subsequent qualification will not suffice for any person. Networking is the one strong source that can serve as a great medium for sustainable development of professionals. Resources are scattered in plenty across the world. Knowledge resource is one such that is spread over worldwide and can be synergized if exploited appropriately. Likewise our country faces more of employability issues rather than unemployment issues due to students existing with an enormous gap from what industry requires from them. We mould such students and prepare them ready for industry through our short tailored suitable courses in varied disciplines. GLAD strives for comprehensive scientific development and professional development.


GLAD originally functioned as an Academy for development since 2013 restricting itself to school level programs and certification programs. Now it has decided to extend its services to college level and industries. GLAD network is inviting memberships under various categories from January 2020. GLAD gladly invites each and every relevant person to become a part of its successful journey in sharing of knowledge.



To become a global reservoir of People, Knowledge and service.



Sustainable development and advancement of knowledge in management, social sciences and humanities with inclusive growth.

  • To become a golden reservoir of talented professionals across industries across the globe.
  • To facilitate knowledge sharing amongst academicians and industry experts.
  • To offer value addition to student community through short certification courses.
  • To conduct conferences and scientific meetings in various parts of the world.
  • To keep the faculty and student community of management, social sciences and humanities updated through contemporary knowledge management.


GLAD is an Academy dedicated to promote, support and enhance high quality academic and research activities in all disciplines of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities throughout the world. It conducts, promotes and supports research activities though international conferences, colloquium, seminars, workshops with or without collaborative due partnership with internationally recognized universities and institutes. It aims to be recognized as the most progressive network by meeting the professional development needs of those in the academic and professional communities worldwide. GLAD strives to serve the student communities through its courses offered in varied disciplines adding value to their current education.


  • GLAD invites memberships under all categories listed under membership details from January 2020.

  • Special invitation to Chartered Accountants to become a part of the exclusive GLAD database in order to facilitate consulting for graduates and management students on new company registrations, promoting entrepreneurial ideas, Providing Tax based advice for professionals etc.

  • Special invitation to Management Consultants to become a part of the exclusive GLAD database to facilitate a mutual platform for consulting opportunities between Academicians and Industry Experts.

  • CEOs / COOs / CFOs/ CMOs / Directors / General Managers / Deans /Principals are considered as Honorary Members of the Academy and hence membership is free.

  • Trainers are required for various programs that the Academy will host from time to time. Qualified trainers may submit your CV for consideration.

  • Suggestions and Joint Initiatives are welcome. Collaborative initiatives are most welcome from industries and Academic Institutions from all over the world like joint conferences, joint events etc.