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Best Online Certification Courses For College Students

Didn’t know which platform offers best online courses for students to learn and explore things by exhibiting their skills. Well there are enormous websites that offers valuable courses for development of individuals by inculcating knowledge. Let me elaborate the best online sources that offer courses from beginner level to advanced level with certification. Lynda/LinkedIn Learning […]

Professional Networking enables magic in individual’s growth

Nowadays, Networking is on the boom in each and every sector. Networking is a deliberate activity to reinforce, maintain and build relationships of trust, faith with the people to achieve your goals. When we talk about professional networking then the networks which are focussed to achieve professional goals come into the picture. Professional networking is […]

Best online certification courses for college students

One of the ways by which professionals improve their values is by earning various online certifications related to their field. This choice results into keeping them current with industry patterns, innovation, technology and other such areas. Online certification courses could be exactly the right way towards a brighter future. Thus, online courses are convenient and […]

Counseling – Need for present-day students of college and schools

What is Counseling? Counseling is the process that occurs when a client and counselor set aside time to explore difficulties which may include the stressful or emotional feelings of the client ( The counselor helps clients- identify their struggles and potential solutions to these problems which cause excessive internal or emotional disturbances. improve their communication […]

Counseling- Need for Present Day Students of Colleges and Schools

In the times of hopelessness and uncertainty, humans look to the sky, trying to attain peace of mind. His quiescent tears, with complete pandemonium, mourn to seek answers to all his questions. His legs are caught in a dilemma, standing at the road bifurcation where each path leads him to different destinations. Will his mind […]

Career Counseling – Need for present day students of college and schools

Counseling ‘Counseling’ refers to the process of showing individuals the right path and helping them recover from their problems and issues. The counselors are trained professionals who listen to the difficulties faced by the people without judging them and give valid solutions to their problems. There are various types of counseling such as mental health […]

Best higher education institutes in India

Want to be the best doctor or dancer? This list has it all covered up. Finding a suitable university can be a hard and challenging task. You have myriad options, but only one is right. As Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” so taking […]


About Global Learners Academy of Development Global Learners Academy of Development (GLAD) is an International Academy registered under MSME , that offers Training for Corporate Individuals, Academicians and Students. The Academy provides Counselling for Corporate and Academic Institutions. In today’s competitive world mere education and subsequent qualification will not suffice for any person. Our country […]