Best Online Certification Courses For College Students

Didn’t know which platform offers best online courses for students to learn and explore things by exhibiting their skills. Well there are enormous websites that offers valuable courses for development of individuals by inculcating knowledge. Let me elaborate the best online sources that offer courses from beginner level to advanced level with certification.

  • Lynda/LinkedIn Learning

It has largest range of around 13000+ courses for learners. Initially, one month free trial is given for learner and if so interested can purchase premium access. It offers certificates for all courses except for those very few whose duration of content is less (say content is less than 30mins)

  • Cloud computing
  • Data Science
  • Web design
  • Software development

Many such courses are offered in this platform.


Udemy is a platform that offers courses and certifications for free. Absolutely free!!! Advanced paid courses are also available which provides certifications with assessment scores. Another interesting thing about this platform is that it offers spoken language courses like Spanish language, hindi for both paid and free access. Some of the courses offered by them are

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • HTML
  • PHP

  All programming languages and many more courses from       beginner to advanced level

3. Alison

This platform serves great for IT, Science and Coding. Alison has organized hundreds of free courses. It also offers Diploma certification courses for the learners who will be qualified by taking the assessment test. After the qualification of the test ,the individual is awarded with the certificate. Some of the popular course categories includes

  • Health
  • IT Science
  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Free Code Camp

Anyone interested in coding???? Check out free code camp which is absolutely amazing!!! It offers 100+ courses with free certification alike others, the as we are learning another great opportunity is awaiting for learners. The learners are asked to code for software non profit organizations where an individual can gain experience too. Courses offered by them includes

  • Data Visualization
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • APIs and Microservices
  • Coursera

This platform offers 5400+ online professional course certifications. The courses offered by them are free for learning but if you want to access the graded assignments and earn a course completion certification you need to pay.

  • Oxford Home Study

This platform is relatively unknown for many learners. This serves best for management courses. Here the provider offers only a handful of free online courses. Moreover, there is no hidden fee for learning the courses offered by them. It is as simple just sign up, start learning and after the completion of course, your certificate will be awarded by Oxford Home Study. They offer around 15 courses for free with certification and some of them are

  • Business Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Starting a business
  • Fashion Design
  • Facebook Blueprint

Most of us have an facebook account but how many of us are aware of this facebook blueprint????? This platform is quiet different from others, here the students can take any of 400+ online classes but after completion of the course instantly one doesn’t get the certificate. The students will be asked for undertaking an examination to show how much they have learned and acquired knowledge. This certification is highly beneficial and valuable for those who are seeking for jobs and also for freelancers. Some of the courses offered by them are

  • Facebook certified Media Planning
  • Facebook certified ads product developer
  • Facebook certified Marketing Science professional

The above all are some of the platforms that offer courses with online certification to enhance their skills. All of the top achievers are those who were looking into new skill development, life-learners who utilized their skills in an effective manner to accomplish their goals. These platforms offers enormous courses and based on their personal interest, an individual can make the optimum use of it to succeed both in career and life.

Voice of Ms. Varshaa A, Coimbatore, India, through Global Learners Academy of Development, India.

Global Learners Academy of Development feels responsible to rightly guide the students in choosing the Right Online certification program. Please contact us for short online certification programs on management courses.

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