Best online certification courses for college students

One of the ways by which professionals improve their values is by earning various online certifications related to their field. This choice results into keeping them current with industry patterns, innovation, technology and other such areas. Online certification courses could be exactly the right way towards a brighter future. Thus, online courses are convenient and cost-effective providing students great career opportunities.

In this blog, you will get to know the best online certification courses for college students suitable for upcoming time.

  1. Data Analysis:

Nowadays, it has become essential to segregate available data in business units. By analyzing available data, future arrangements can be done. So business units requires a data analyst in order to improve business which in turn makes better decisions.

Data Analysis online course is worth it; as it is very demanding in current time. You can choose Coursera, edx or Udemy for pursuing this online course.

  • Data Science:

In this competitive world, most of the business units requires integration of data. The demand of data scientists is growing rapidly but the supply of skilled applicants is less.

Learning data science includes hard skills like Python & SQL and soft skills like communication & business skills. You can opt this course online from Harvard, MIT or Microsoft from edx. This course is suitable for those who are truly determined to this.

  • Project Management:

By completing Project Management course, you will be able to set goals and objectives of the project and understand the importance of time. It will provide you skills for producing well documented project completion proofs. It is an in-demand skill. Earning a PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate can increase your earning potential.

You can undergo University project management program (edx).

  • Financial analysis:

In the finance field, career as an financial analyst is very popular. In the upcoming period, there will be more demand of financial analyst.

Pursuing financial analysis course you will be able to make business recommendations for any organisation based on your analysis regarding market trends, etc. and can predict outcomes of a certain kind of deal. You can choose udemy or linkedin learning to pursue this online course.

  • Administrative assistant:

Administrative assistants today need specialized skills to stand out in a competitive job market. For that online certification course can be very useful. Administrative assistant certificate is a valuable training course that can help you build professional confidence. This course relates to business, personal development, management and career development. It will help you polish your administrative skills and helps you to become an executive assistant. You can also apply for an internship to enhance your work experience.

  • Web developer:

Web developer designs and creates websites. It is a fragmenting career. It combines analytic and creative skills perfectly. As a web developer, you can work freelance or as a part of an organisation. It allows you to focus on areas you enjoy and excel at, essentially becoming an expert in your field. You will learn programming skills to begin your career to the web world. Udemy as a good number of web developer courses.

  • Graphic design:

Skills of graphic designers are in high demand. Advantage of earning a certificate in graphic design is that it can widen your knowledge of the design industry and you can learn art-related skills. At some companies, earning a professional certification can help you gain higher salary. Certification in graphic design, along with your portfolio of design work shows your ability to think and act like a graphic designer. This career is in high demand. Pursuing this online certification course is undeniably beneficial.

Voice of Ms. Krupa Niranjan , Gujarat, India, through Global Learners Academy of Development, India.

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