Head Teacher ,30 Andiran Primary School, West Bengal, India.



Biswajit Dutta Head Teacher of 30 Andiran Pry School was born on 26th November 1977 at Begunbari P.S Beldanga District Murshidabad West  Bengal . He had been working as a assistant teacher in 40 Nowpukuria Nutanpara Primary School under same circle for 18 years. This pathfinder has been teaching over 20 years in a remote village. Even he was  born in an area where the light of education is faraway. Darkness of malnutrition antisocial activities bombing child labours child marriage and a total social calamity and  chaos reigned there. From his childhood this surrounding made him think that only light of education can improve this society. Only education can fight against injustice superstition corruption, casteism and inequality. So the noble person took teaching as his ideal service to the society. Mr Dutta dedicated his life to education for the welfare of the students & society . He has been working hard only for them. Personal interest never came to his path of teaching. He gave full importance upon introducing of innovative methods of teaching in the instution. Value of TLMs can never be ignored. So after joining the school as teacher he focused on making various TLMs. The corridors stairs walls,benches boundary walls of the school were transformed into attractive TLMs. Children love this kind of learning.Under his leadership the school reached its zenith. It achieved Swachha Vidyalaya Award by MHRD Govt.of India The prestigious  awards Jamini Roy  by UNICEF Govt.of West Bengal and SSM. and many prestigious Awards.Later he took decision to take the charge of Head Teacher of another school but all the students made a barricade so that he could not leave their school. Their love made him feel that he should take the charge of Head Teacher and establish himself once more. More students should get opportunities of a Nationally recognized school. The second stage of his life begins when he joined Andiran Primary School as The Head Teacher. It was just an ordinary school. Here also students presented their heart felt love for him. He took a bold decision to modernize that school with innovative ideas and achieve recognition newly. So he had to put extra effort and time as well as extra energy to improve the situation of the new school. After joining as the Headmaster of Andiran Primary School on 5th June 2018 he took up various innovative plans and executed them in reality. various TV news channels and press where impressed with the works performed by him and they brought those news to the broadcasted light.


Biswajit Dutta is not only a scholarly teacher but also an apt social reformer and famous social worker.He engaged in different social activities for the upliftment of rural and backward people .Arrangement of blood donation camp  Free Eye camp financial as well as mental and educational help to poor and intelligent students are local area free of cost coaching classes, collection of 85000 rupees for foundation of Nowpukurai Nutanpara Junior High School .To make people conscious of deadly Corona virus and supporting helpless unaided people of the society during Lockdown scenario  .He also social reformer  set an excellent epitome .He comes as an adept warrior to save the society and the country from the deadly Corona virus.His agenda followed 1.Under his leadership a lumpsum of Rs.5 Lack has been funded from earnest efforts of the teachers for Chief Ministers Relief  Fund.This was the highest noble funding for any individual circle in West Bengal.2.On behalf of the teachers he donated Rs.2 Lack for The Prime Minister s Relief Fund to save the society from Corona Virus.3.Arranged for priceless market in the district for under privileged people who got a great help .4.Delivered food items to 1500 families and masks to 1200 people with the help of Pragati Help and Care Foundation.5.Supplied food items to around 5000 people of different corners of Beldanga and Berhampore blocks with the help of Pragati Help and Care Foundation Bengal Development Foundation Nutanpara Target Club and Pratibandhi Sammilani.6.Not only in the district but also out of it he stretched his helping hand. Worked in collaboration with NGOs like May I Help You in Purulia and Happy to Help in East Midnapore district in this pandemic.7.Aspiring to spread awareness ,he delivered leaflet   masks and spread the message of importance of washing hands on miking in 110 places in a day of record virus attack panic.8.One after another consecutive reflections in various dailies  from his pen spread awareness among all strata of the society.

In a nutshell it must be noted that my life is fully devoted to the cause of education and for the betterment of student as well as the society and will remain the same till my last breath.

 My hard and innovative works make Headline in the newspaper.

I’m not only a teacher but also an apt social reformer .I engaged in different social activities for the upliftment of rural and backward people.There are many teachers who follow my ideas and innovative methods of teaching.In a nutshell it must be noted that my life is fully devoted to the cause of education and for the betterment of student as well as the society and will remain the same till my last breath.

: Achievements :

1)InSc Best Teacher Award

2)InSc Best Principal Award

3)InSc Academic Excellence Award

4)InSc Research Excellence Award

5)National Innovative Teacher Award, ZIIEI,Govt of India

6)Asia Education Excellence Award

7)Global Teaching Excellence Award -Best Principal

8)Global Academic Excellence Award

9)National Rashtya Perona Award

10) Humanitration Excellence Award

11)Star India Korona Warriors Award

12) Asia Pride Award

13) Shikhya Sampad ,BEDS

14) Kriti Shishyak Award ,Education Department

15) Nirmal Vidyalaya Award, SSM Murshidabad District

16) Shishu Mitra Vidyalaya Award ,SSM, UNICEF, Govt of West Bengal

17)Jamini Roy Award ,SSM, UNICEF, Govt of West Bengal

18)Swachh Vidyalaya Award, MHRD,Govt of India


The Award Process

Mr.Biswajit Dutta submitted his nomination for HEADS-UP INTERNATIONAL GLAD AWARDS in Dec 2020 and the same has been selected for the award of “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT” in the field of “Teaching & Social Service” based on the Scrutiny and Jury’s recommendations.


Lifetime Achievement – ‘Certificate, and Memento’ has been bestowed to Mr. Biswajit Dutta for his exceptional achievements in “Civil-Survey Geomatics Engineering”.

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