Mrs. Lakshmi Vaikunth

Excellence in Sports | Masters Hockey

Lakshmi Vaikunth, has been exhibiting her prowess in the hockey arena since the age of 12 . An inextinguishable passion for the national game of India combined with an inborn athletic finesse paved the way for a sports career spanning across more than three decades. Lakshmi started off playing at the school level and gradually pushed her way through to represent Tamil Nadu at the sub junior  Junior , Senior and Women’s National followed . She was also part of the Madras University team at the All India Inter university meet for consecutive 3 years. Marriage followed by motherhood led to a hiatus as she took on full time employment in IT. 

Backed by the strong support of her husband,Parents and Children, Lakshmi made a dramatic reentry as part of the Tamil Nadu 35 plus team. She went on to represent India at International Masters tournaments. The team won bronze at the 2nd European Masters and silver at the Australian Masters . Lakshmi has also been driving initiatives in soft skills and personality development for school children. Sky is the limit for this inspirational mother of two who is an epitome for the adage “do what you love and love what you do”. 

The Award Process

Mrs Lakshmi Vaikunth submitted her nomination in the discipline of Masters Hockey for GLAD AWARDS in Dec 2019 and the same has been selected for the EXCELLENCE IN SPORTS in the field of MASTERS HOCKEY based on the Scrutiny and Jury’s recommendations.

The Award

Excellence in Sports in Masters Hockey – 2020. ‘Certificate, Medal and Memento’ has been bestowed to Mrs Lakshmi Vaikunth for her exceptional achievements in Masters Hockey.

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