Mrs. S.Rajeswari

Best Teacher | Primary Education

  • Mrs.Rajeswari is a great lover of primary education.
  • She works as a teacher for primary school in a rural area in chennai.
  • She serves the society by teaching the needy and very poor children from backward areas.
  • Her service to society has fetched her several awards for showing care to the society.
  • Teaching is not only her profession but her passion too


The Award Process

Mrs S Rajeswari submitted her nomination in the discipline of primary education for GLAD AWARDS in Dec 2019 and the same has been selected for the BEST TEACHER AWARD in the field of PRIMARY EDUCATION based on the Scrutiny and Jury’s recommendations.

The Award

Best Teacher in Primary Education – 2020. ‘Certificate, Medal and Memento’ has been bestowed to Mrs S Rajeswari for her exceptional academic records and research excellence in Primary education, service to poor, and social service in rural area.

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