Prof.Ms.Rathiranee Yogendrarajah  

International Excellence in Teaching & Research | Financial Management

Prof. Rathiranee Yogendrarajah is presently the Professor in Financial Management, Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce, University of Jaffna, Jaffna, Sri Lanka and she is the first professor in Department of Financial Management and the first female Professor in Faculty of Management Studies.  Presently she is the Head of the Department of Financial Management.  Prof. Rathiranee Yogendrarajah has 30 years’ experience in academic, research and extension activities for MBA, Diploma and Degree Programmes. She was a visiting lecturer for several institutions such as Open University, Institute of Personal Management (IPM), Technical College in Sri Lanka and Self finance Diploma, under graduate and postgraduate courses in University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka.  She was resource person in several short courses, workshops, training programmes and seminars in the private sector, public sector and society as well.  And also, she delivered lectures on Accounting & finance topics for G.C.E (A/L) Accounting teachers and she served as a Chief Examiner on Accountancy in G.C.E (A/L) Examination. She published more than 150 research papers in indexed and non-indexed journals and conference proceedings including 50 articles in various magazines.  She has delivered memorial lectures on Founders day and price giving of schools. She has presented research papers in the national and international conferences and received best paper awards for her best research presentation including best thesis-oriented award for her supervision of undergraduates.  She has authored six text books for higher education purpose.   And she was awarded as best women achiever in Management ‘Vada Jothi award’ in Northern Province of Sri Lanka.    Further she supervised several Undergraduate, M.Phil and PhD students in Management and Financial Management field and served as an evaluator of these thesis.   She served as a chair person in the International and National conferences.  She served as an editorial board member and reviewer for several national and international journals and conferences. She has been serving as a translator of the academic division of chartered institute of Sri Lanka.  She served as an Academic Coordinator of Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Online Degree (External) programme, University of Jaffna, and as a coordinator of Capacity Development of Women Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka and India.  Further she monitored the mentors of the women entrepreneurs.  


The Award Process

Prof.Ms.Rathiranee Yogendrarajah submitted her nomination in the discipline of Financial Management for GLAD AWARDS in Dec 2019 and the same has been selected for the International Excellence in Teaching & Research in the field of Financial Management based on the Scrutiny and Jury’s recommendations.

The Award

International Excellence in Teaching & Research in Financial Management – 2020. ‘Certificate, Medal and Memento’ has been bestowed to Prof.Ms.Rathiranee Yogendrarajah for her exceptional academic records and research excellence in the subject Financial Management.

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